Jess Moore is a graphic designer and artist from Baltimore, and spent the last four years in Colorado.

Within 7 months of getting laid-off in 2013, I packed up my things in Maryland, I rented out my house, pushed though and finished my MFA early and found an apartment in Denver.

I eased into the Colorado way of life. Making friends, connections and going into the mountains during my free time. The mountains were the reason for moving, they had gotten under my skin in 2006 after a vacation.

In January of 2015 I was laid off for a 3rd time. While contemplating career, I applied to work at a Girl Scout camp as the Photographer. Between going from activity to activity with the girls, I hiked. Camp was 880 acres at an elevation of 8300 feet. I woke up to bright blue skies, ponderosa pines and mountains interrupting the horizon line. The colors were amazing. The sun would set, and the mountains turned into layers of aubergine with an orange-pink sky. Dusk would come and the stars would come out, spanning a sapphire colored sky.

Read more about that summer here:

I bring 15 years experience in communications design to my art. I hold an undergraduate degree is in New Media Production from Emerson College and an M.F.A. in Integrated Design from the University of Baltimore.

In tandem with my design career, I began teaching in 2002, and have since taught in a variety of programs for communications and graphic design in Maryland and Colorado.

In addition to teaching and mountain art, I serve on the AIGA Colorado Board of Directors, having joined the board in 2014 and served as Co-Membership Director before assuming the role of President for the 2015-2017 term.

As for the trailer…

Getting ready for the next chapter, I personally feel that there are too many things to see and experience. While I love Denver, I moved to Colorado to be closer to the mountains. So let’s not just get close, let’s get in them, and I couldn’t think of a better way!