Zen and the Art of Motorcy… Um, RV Maintenence

Zen and the Art of Motorcy… Um, RV Maintenence

Sylvia will be undergoing some changes over the next few weeks… let’s be real, this may take a few months.

The first week I got the Trailer I didn’t have the roof rack on the truck installed, so the kayak was hanging out the back over the tailgate [look at the top image of the blog and you can see how the ‘yak is hanging out the back]. And yep, I made a small crack in the nose of the trailer. I used epoxy for the quick fix, but at this point, that is flaking off.

That partnered with my distaste for all the damn swooshes on these coaches (I am NOT a 90’s Metal Band, and I think that trend needs to end), needing to re-caulk all the seams on the trailer and actually get on the roof to caulk those seams, it’s time for real change.

I will complete the circle and buy a can of Bondo, a home staple growing up with my father restoring Corvettes. It’s very handy to have a fiberglass expert on speed dial (I had a crash course on the steps I need to take during my drive south from Wyoming). I plan to patch the hole and paint the nose. I’m thinking a light blue, because why the heck not?

I did price out a nose cover, and well, that’s a mere $3000. Hard pass. I have items coming in from Amazon for washing and waxing, the eraser wheel doohickies to remove the stripes, plastic razor scrapers and caulk remover tools.

On my way home from Yellowstone I stopped at Lazy Days for a few supplies and maintenance items, to start the party. My screen door latch broke in a strong wind, and a bungee cord was holding that shut; two water inlet plugs; (always get TP); I lost the dang big ole wing nut that holds the LP tanks on when leaving Arizona and was given the right sized regular nut since they didn’t have the right sized wing nut in stock; and ooh, a new black LP tank cover, which is already a fresh face lift! So much better!

I was about to leave Lazy Days with my items, and I asked one more question. Chad was helping me, and I asked, since I was there, could a tech come out and tighten two nuts that hold on a part for the sway bars.

He came out with a wrench, and said that he used to be a tech. I was thinking this baby needed electric force, but if he wanted to hand tighten, I was appreciative.

As soon as the wrench was on the nut, it broke off. I mean he didn’t use any force at all! We both shared a look like “Oops.”

I am really thankful for the forces that have been watching over me with this whole experiment. Because the thing was loose, it damn near vibrated/sheared off, and it was just a matter of miles before it would have broke on the road. (I mean, I was going to get it tightened…)

So Chad and I walked back to the parts department and he fished around in a box and got me the new part to replace on the bracket and of course new nuts. Thank heavens it was just a $35 part, and not a whole new assembly.

Look… sometimes I don’t know what I don’t know. Sometimes I don’t know what I have within me to accomplish something (Yes, the vast amount of knowledge I have amassed on this journey doesn’t always compare apples to oranges). Armed with the new parts, I asked Chad if this was something I could do. He tilted his head at me a bit, and said don’t go anywhere.

Five minutes later he comes out with a wrench. He said, “This wrench is about 35 years old and has been in my truck for a while, you can have it.” This baby was the correct size for the nuts, and has fun swivel action for better leverage.

Basically by imparting me with this gift, he acknowledge within me my ability to get the job done. He’s been added to my ever expanding list of people who have been watching out for me, and now I have the tool to tighten at the ready [back when I had a flat a year ago, I had the tow truck driver tighten these nuts since he had the thing out for the tire, so it is an on going thing with them loosening].

Thanks Chad!

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