Paper Residency – Part 2

Paper Residency – Part 2

In February I started the process for next steps for residency. You can read my notes about the early research and thoughts here.

Trailer in Lakewood, South Dakota tags.

In part, I do need to keep a presence in Colorado, as one position I have requires my residency. But, as a South Dakota Nomad I can register the vehicles in SD, while keeping my Colorado license. I am also not giving up my CO address, and not changing my mailing address with the USPS.

The company I decided to go with is America’s Mailbox, from a recommendation from another Resident Volunteer. They are based outside of Rapid City, and I officially have a Mailbox, signed a Nomad Affidavit, and am in receipt of my new Trailer tags from SD.

In all, it was an easy process, I think I needed to have 3 forms notarized, which was a pain with being on the road, and having no printer, but luckily my bank printed them, signed, and notarized all in one stop.

There was research and paperwork on taxes paid on the truck and trailer at purchase

to provide to the DMV, cashiers checks to be sent, and lots of waiting. I started the process in May, and should have the truck tags by next week, so in all it was about a 3.5 month process.

Needless to say, if your tags are going to expire, do it sooner than later.

Once I get those tags, I can change my address on vehicle insurance and am looking forward to about $100 less a month in insurance costs; well worth the cost of my yearly SD address, and registration services from America’s Mailbox.

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