Once Upon a Tent

Once Upon a Tent

A quick funny story.

Last year, when the trailer was in for service, I stayed in my tent. I’ve gotten pretty handy with the dog and the cat in there. It’s a 4 person ALPS Mountaineering tent, so there’s loads of room for bedding and pet accouterments.

I was suckered in to buying a new litter, the “Slide” from Arm and Hammer. I liked the promise of what it could bring.

Ella, my cat isn’t the worst with getting the litter everywhere, but that stuff has a way of migrating.

Also in play we’re water drops from the water bowl. That mixed with Slide created a paste I had never seen before.

Moving out of the tent, when the trailer had been repaired, I had the brilliant idea to pick up the tent, while standing in it, and flip it up so the extra errant grains of litter that were everywhere would just go out the door onto the ground. It’s a great idea, in theory, but the execution was a tad off. Instead of the intended outcome, I was showered with kitty litter.


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