Paper Residency

Paper Residency

As a full-time RVer, most people ask me about mail. Where do I get my mail? This year, since I was sticking around Denver, I got a mailbox. Not a P.O Box, you see, for registering vehicles and licenses, but a local print shop has a bank of mailboxes. I get my mail and packages about once a week, or every-other week.

Soon I’ll be untethering from the state, and will be pushing off in April. Just gave my notice at my position and starting to consider the residency question.  First off, there are three states that are more lenient with regards to setting up residency: Texas, Florida, and South Dakota. For personal reasons, I really think the only state in that grouping that I can align myself to one of those state: South Dakota; and I think it’s also the only state that would be practical enough for me to roll through often enough (but currently with SD, you only have to roll through every 5 years).

These three states are lenient to full-timers because of both taxes and registration reasons. For example, SD you don’t have to get vehicles inspected every year, nor does the vehicle have to be present for registration. You do need to be present to get a license. Then there are the companies that have monopolized on these factors. There are companies that are set up where you can have a mailbox, and they redirect your mail, typically by scanning it in.

I am also considering New Hampshire. Most RVers leave this one off the list, as while they do have no income or sales tax, they do tax interest and dividends. For me though, it is an option as my folks do own a home there, and I was previous resident of the “Live Free or Die” state. And, I will actually be able to be present in that state. The (personal) downside is that I’d have to be there in January every year. NH schedules your yearly vehicle inspection during your birthday month. Since I do have an address that could be used, it is an option.

While I could make it work to get to NH every January, it does lock me in a bit. Or my route east in April could include a swing north to Sioux Falls.

Both states are good for businesses, so I’ll have to also migrate the LLC as well.

I am leaning towards SD. DakotaPost is a company that can provide a personal mailbox, forwards mail regularly to what ever address you provide. I just have to connect with places I will be ahead of time to see if I can have my mail sent their. More soon as I get closer to the end of my CO residence.

As some South Dakota inspiration, I traveled there in the Fall of 2015: here’s some shots of the rolling prairie meets the Badlands.

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