How We Roll – February 2018 Edition

How We Roll – February 2018 Edition

Musings from the Road

Vetting a potential date online: Yes, I’ll spend a $1 for a shower on you.

As a Resident Volunteer at a Colorado State Park for the next few months, it occurs to me that I don’t nearly have enough yard flair as my other neighbor volunteers. I am ok with that, but am shopping around for some rope lights, or one of those LED sparkle makers (whatever they’re called). I have thought that once I peel off my swoosh graphics, I could use that blank area as a projection screen.

I’ll be pulling out of Colorado for a bit come mid-April, heading east to hang out with friends and family for an extended period of time. That’s one thing you miss by being 1500+ miles away from loved ones: the casual drop-by or wine night. I’ll also be continuing to celebrate this milestone year with other friends who hit the big 4-0. I’ll be back west, sometime in the June/July time frame.

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