State Forest State Park

State Forest State Park

St. Agnes

The most unimaginative name for a state park in Colorado that is surrounded by stunning views, and the wilds of all wildlife.

Kristina, my sophomore year college roommate came out to visit for a long weekend, and I wanted to incorporate some trip with the trailer. Originally I was thinking Taos, but let’s be reasonable… her time out wasn’t enough for that type of road trip. I had heard great things about Walden, and SFSP; it is the moose viewing capital of Colorado, after all.

It was also a bit of a tour of the state parks, as when Kris flew in, I was parked at St. Vrain, close enough to DIA, and also put us at a good place to set off the next morning.

Stella’s first off-road ride!

It was a good drive out, and we parked in time to have plenty of daylight to drive into the town of Walden for dinner. On the way back to the campsite, I spied a car stopped at the edge of the road – it mean one thing in parks: wildlife. There was a mama and baby moose tucked into the willows at the stream, (never did see the baby) and a bear frolicking way up on the hill. He really was moseying and looked like he was playing with something. Lesson: Need binoculars.

Friday brought us some fun adventures with a hike to Agnes Lake, for a picnic lunch; the water was a crystal blue-green. After lunch we headed down a 4-wheel drive road, Stella’s first. Loved driving her over the hills and dales through the forest. She’s a tad looong though, and a few times caught a rock underneath that made me palpitate.

Kristina and I were trying to spy wildlife, and she spotted a deer. I love telling stories and facts about our different species out here, and was digging up a few on the differences between mule deer and white tale deer… we’re both looking to the left, then slowly Kris says, “Um, Jess a moose.”

Darn if we weren’t 10 feet away from this big male. He’s chomping away on grass like, you’re interrupting my lunch ladies. I was so busy getting the back window closed to block Kioko somewhat from barking (which she didn’t even utter a peep) that I didn’t have time to snap a photo before he walked into the bush.

I highly recommend taking the trip out to SFSP. Later that day we tried to catch a glimpse of beaver, which as crepuscular animals, walking along the trail as the sun was setting should have been right on the money, but no luck this time. It was however lovely watching the sun sink behind the mountains, a last orange gulp, then gone.

Sunset in State Forest State Park

From SFSP, we traveled south to Cherry Creek State Park for the last night, again being in close proximity to DIA for her morning flight. CCSP happens to me my least favorite park. Too many spots too close together, but it worked! It was perfect for the evening.








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