Lake City, Colorado

Lake City, Colorado

Mid July I headed west through Monarch Pass to get to Lake City.

Spooky staircase in the Stanley.

Of all things they have an art fair on a Tuesday in July. I had been in Estes Park for a family reunion (tip: do a PRIVATE tour of the Stanley with friends and family. I had been on the tour twice previously, and it had never been as exciting, or have as much “activity” as with the O’Donnell clan). I headed out Monday in order to get there for set up that evening.


Cousins playing bocce. Precious!

I parked Sylvia at the Elkhorn RV park, a cute little place, and was reminded to make sure that I lock down the dumpster if I use it, as the previous evening, a bear had a heyday with the trash. The fair was just a few blocks down. You really didn’t have to go to far in town to get anywhere, as it is made up of only three length-wise streets, and maybe 10 cross streets. It’s nestled between about 4 National Forests, and tons of BLM land. It’s lush and verdant. I had ridden through Lake City two years previous and it was definitely on my list to circle back to. Prior to going for the show, other artists had mentioned that it was like a Little Texas, as the whole town seems to be where Texans go for summer vacation.

Sun setting behind the mountains outside of Lake City in Gunnison National Forest.

Well, hot dang, isn’t that exactly what it was. And, boy, did they come out for the arts. It has been by far my most successful show of the summer. I wish I had know bear were their things, and I might have brought more; I am planning to return next year, so I’ll be prepared. And the hummingbirds! I just designed one, and hope to have that for my next show, as well as a bison. Gearing up for fall and holiday shows. Can’t believe it’s time to think about holidays, it will be a non-stop ornament bonanza here in a matter of weeks.

Back to Lake City. Such a great little western town, and in chatting with towns folks, lots to investigate including Lake San Cristobal, and an off the beaten path 4-wheel road that takes about half a day and supposedly loops over to Silverton. I am hopeful that the stars align for next summer that I can make it back to Lake City and incorporate a vacation.


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