The Lady Mullet

The Lady Mullet

There’s a lot of characters “on the road,” some stand out. I arrived at my campsite Monday evening to find someone already set up in my reserved site.

She had a spectacular mullet, and her response was to blame the ranger because they didn’t tell her. Not that it’s their responsibility.

There was immediately a lot of anxiety, and panic, and I decided to let it go and set up in her spot even though that I would have to move to my site for a night, as I was staying longer than she was. Her friend walked off in a huff annoyed that she was going to have to move, and didn’t understand that I was moving into their spot. There was something from the lady mullet about her being upset about her manager charging her $40 for a reason I never understood.

Her friends’ granddaughter, about 7,  were staying that first night as well, and that little girl and I fell asleep to fart jokes, and rowdy language, and woke up to a crack of a beer can at 7:30.

That next morning she came over to pet the dog and I was making ornaments. She said, “Oh, we thought you were doing manicures, but you’re doing hobbies.”

I was really working on a batch for a wholesale order headed out for Breckenridge, and I haven’t ever thought of this endeavor as a hobby.

Headed off to work and was hopeful for a peaceful night sleep as the friend and granddaughter were headed out as well.

It did start off quiet and then, I am not really sure how this happened, but a random car pulled up to her site, I heard them mention that they saw her fire still going and stopped, a gal named CoCo, and a man. They milled around talking loudly, something, something pot… stayed up longer.

Woke up at 6am to the lady mullet hacking up a lung.

I came back to set up for a night at my real spot and had a wonderful, peaceful night sleep. Packed up and collected trash from the lady mullet’s tenancy: so many cigarette butts and beer cans in the fire ring, body wipes and other detritus peppering the place.

Another tidbit of information is that the lady mullet has 11 cats.

I am now up to 10 mgs of melatonin and am using the timed release option.

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