How We Roll – June 2017 Edition

How We Roll – June 2017 Edition

Musings from the Road

I have some thoughts, and will compile them every so often for you to ponder as well.

Why are the graphics so ugly on these vehicles? The swooshes are all so ’90’s metal band. I am designing some updates as I drive. Need to figure out how to remove the 4 year old decals that are baked on.

In 8th grade, Mrs Hastings – in science class – showed an example of two bodies moving together when air passes through. She illustrated this by hanging two apples from a hanger, and blew between them. They indeed moved together. I bring this up because I have now fully experienced this when a tractor trailer passes me on the road. Whoa Nelly.

Why do no campgrounds fricking recycle? I mean really. Private, Colorado State, or National Forests sites that I have been to have not offered this. Stupid. I take it all to work and recycle there.




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